My Engagement and School Council visits

I thought I would post my own list of School Council meetings, events and engagement events I have attended in my terms as Trustee for Wards 1 & 2. This is not the only times I have met with parents, students or teachers in schools to engage and discuss education, but this gives a pretty accurate snapshot of my interest and commitment to the schools I represent.

Many school council meetings are on Tuesday nights which are also Board meeting nights so it sometimes poses an issue.  School Council meetings and going to schools are just one part of a Trustee’s role.  Engagement and listening to people about their views on public education come in many different forms and sometimes in the most unusual of places.  For those that have heard me speak, some of my most favourite places to talk about the value of public education is the Costco, Starbucks, the shopping mall, with my dad’s friends who live in Bowness, the YMCA, community events, dinner parties with friends, walking in Bowness Park, the hockey rink and yes Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

For me, talking about public education and how we can continue to build a strong foundation for public education in Calgary is exciting.

School Council Meetings

Sept 2013 – Tuscany School Executive

June 2013 – Varsity Acres School Council Chair

May 2013 – CAPSC,

April 2013 – Varsity Acres,

March 2013 – Ranchlands, F E Osborne, CAPSC

February 2013 – Hamptons, CAPSC

January 2013 – Tuscany,

December 2012 – Bowness school council collaboration meeting

November 2012 – Terrace Road, Ranchlands, Citadel, Hawkwood, Marion Carson, CAPSC

October 2012 – Tuscany,

September 2012 – Tuscany School council chair

May 2012 – Brentwood, Royal Oak,

February 2012 – Hamptons, CAPSC

January 2012 – Silver Springs,

December 2011 – Hamptons,

November 2011 – Citadel Park, Hamptons

October 2011 – CAPSC, Tuscany,

May 2011 – Royal Oak, CAPSC,

April 2011 – Bowness, Ranchlands, Bowcroft,

March 2011 – Scenic Acres,

February 2011 – TB Riley, Arbour Lake, WO Mitchell


Public Consultation Meetings

April 2013 -Council of School Councils

February 2013 – Area IV meeting, Area III meeting, Area I meeting, Area II meeting

October 2012 – Council of School Councils

May 2012 – New North West High school naming

April 2012 – New North West High school naming

January 2012 – Tuscany middle naming

December 2011 – Tuscany middle naming, FNMI SPEAK OUT

November 2011 – Tuscany middle naming

June 2011 – Tom Baines,

 Other Events/meetings in the Community

September 2013 – Tuscany

June 2013Tuscany Community Association President, Run Bowness, Assisted with flood relief efforts

May 2013 -Belvedere Parkway, Election 2013 Information night, Access Awareness Week

April 2013 -Ranchlands – Calgary Read, Marion Carson, Hawkwood, Arbour Lake, Elder Advisory Council

March 2013 -Captain John Palliser

February 2013George Woods, Elder Advisory

January 2013 – George Woods school event, William Taylor school event, Arbour Lake, Bow Croft Elementary, Marion Carson meeting with School Council chair

December 2012William Taylor, Elder Advisory Council

November 2012 – Hawkwood, Arbour Lake,

October 2012 – Elder Advisory, Royal Oak, National Sports School, Ranchlands,

June 2012 – Arbour Lake, Captain John Palliser, W O Mitchell, National Sports School, Bowness, Hawkwood,

May 2012 – Citadel Park, Arbour Lake, Hawkwood

April 2012 – Arbour Lake

March 2012 – Forest Lawn High, National Sports School

February 2012 – Me to We Conference, Hawkwood, Arbour Lake, Westview,

December 2011 – Arbour Lake,

October 2011 – Varsity Acres, National Sports School, West View, Hamptons,

September 2011 – Varsity Acres,

June 2011 – Tuscany, William Taylor, George Woods, Montgomery, Bowness, Terrace Road,

May 2011 – Royal Oak, Arbour Lake, Sir William Van Horne, Citadel Park,

March 2011 – Westview

February 2011 – Varsity Acres, Citadel Park, Marion Carson

January 2011 – West View, Terrace Road, Scenic Acres

December 2010 – Tuscany School

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