What I Heard

In a response to hearing from the community that parents wanted to have greater access to communication with The Board of Trustees, the Board established a Council of Schools Councils as a means to better connect with parents and schools.  Initially we held a big meeting, our first meeting in October of 2012 to hear from parents how we can best communicate with them.  Conversation was good and the input gained was invaluable.

We heard that the possible ways parents wanted to communicate with us and receive information included email; the RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, area meetings, small discussion meetings and school council meetings.  Some parents want emails, others said don’t inundate my ‘in box’.  Some really like Facebook as a way to get information while other parents said they don’t do Facebook, others only use Twitter to stay connected while others stated they just don’t do social media.  Others wanted meetings hosted by their own Trustee while others stated they preferred Area meetings.

As a Board we have made great strides in the past year with our website, updating information quicker and regularly to improve communication but I recognize that we can always find ways to improve.  As an individual Trustee who represents approximately 120,000 people between Wards 1 & 2 it is also unrealistic to state that I have connected with each and every person.  It is however, critical to listen to the many different voices and to communicate in as many different ways as possible and I am trying to find ways to do that.

What I heard is that there is no one way that works best for everyone.  In a complex world filled with technology there are multiple ways to communicate with people but different things work for different people, and one size doesn’t fit all, just like the educational programs we have at the Calgary Board of Education

My commitment is to continue to listen to the different voices in the community and to continue to reach out and communicate with as many people as possible.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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