Bowness High School is Alive and Well

First blog of the school year and I sincerely hope that all of our students are settled and getting into a routine at school.  This year was one of transitions for two out of our three children as we saw our oldest child transition to high school at Bowness and our youngest make the leap to Middle School at Arbour Lake.  Transitions are always tough because it is difficult to leave your comfort zone and it is the apprehension of not knowing that is scary for both parent and child.  I took my boys to Arbour Lake School on the first morning to help alleviate any fears and because as a mom it’s what I enjoy.  My moment of the day was from my youngest sons dear friend when he found out they were in the same class‘we are in the same class…this is going to be the best school year ever’. I cherished that as I walked out of the school and realized that for kids, that’s what it really is all about.

My daughter was a bit more apprehensive as she worried about if she would know anyone in any of her classes.  She soon realized that most of her friends were also apprehensive and were worried about how to manage their classes, which courses or options they should take and yes the most important concern who else they were in class with.

So, last night I attended the Bowness High School Council meeting.  With close to 1300 students it is actually one of the smallest high schools in Calgary; however it has a great deal of history filled with traditions.  Besides hearing all the fabulous initiatives that both the council and the school have undertaken and parent concerns over class size, what struck me the most was the fear that parents expressed that they were concerned that Bowness High School would be closing.  They expressed concern because of the opening of the new high school, Robert Thirsk opening next September 2013.  This has been a concern that I have heard from many people in the community and it is clear that we will need to continue to communicate and have conversations that this is not the case.  Bowness High School is NOT closing.

Students currently attending Bowness High School from the communities of Arbour Lake, Scenic Acres, Royal Oak and Rocky Ridge will be re-designated to Robert Thirsk.  Students living in the communities of Bowness, Greenwood, Montgomery, Silver Springs, Valley Ridge, Crestmont and Tuscany will continue to attend Bowness High School.  So will there be a dip in numbers once Robert Thirsk opens, yes absolutely, however fewer students will only be the trend for a few years as we see a huge increase in numbers from student’s specifically in the community of Tuscany.

On another note, Principal Gislason announced last night at the School Council meeting that folks from Alberta Education had dropped by the school yesterday to assess the school and look at the technology needs of the school which is good news.  Modernization of Area 1 high schools, which includes Bowness High School, has been identified as a top priority by the Calgary Board of Education so we are hopeful that we will see some much needed upgrades.

So in a nutshell…Bowness High School is Alive and Well and will serve students for many years to come.


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